Sigma is a twenty-something dynamo who orders “Thai hot” at restaurants and crushes challengers at foosball. She’s lived in Washington D.C.; Lancaster, Pennsylvania; Taiyuan, China; Hoofddorp, Netherlands; Tempe, Arizona; and now she is back in D.C., the city where it all began.

She holds dual Master’s Degrees in Urban & Environmental Planning and Sustainable Solutions from Arizona State University, and received her Bachelor’s in Government a really, really long time ago from Franklin & Marshall College. She thinks cities are the answer to the world’s sustainability problems and will argue with everyone until they agree. She does freelance graphic design and SEO/Google Analytics work while she plots her grand debut in the urban planning field, ideally as a long-range city planner or multidisciplinary research analyst. She currently works in operations and strategy at Split, a tech transportation startup in Washington D.C. She likes dogs.

Sigma co-founded the Bläckfisk Group, an urban & digital consultancy. Bläckfisk Group is in charge of the Maushaus™ brand of sustainable, climate-adapted mobile structures and residences. In October 2015, she and her partners are finishing a structure in the Coronado neighborhood of Phoenix, Arizona.

Resume available here. You can also find her on LinkedIn.

我是一个20多岁的女人。我学习城市规划,可持续设计,简约的生活,和亚洲的发展. 我以前住在华盛顿,宾夕法尼亚州兰开斯特,太原,山西,中国。现在我住在亚利桑那州的坦佩。我研究了两个硕士学位,一个城市与环境规划,可持续的解决方案之一,美国亚利桑那州立大学。我爱我的狗,雅典娜。 contact sigma (at) sigmaism (dot) com